Speckle not installed on Blender 4.0

but do you have any thing other than an official Blender Version ?

As every Blender version still in Alpha or Beta will be ignored from Speckle
installer and needs to be copied over in Settings manually.
AFAIK starting from RCs (release copies) to official version, installer will
recognize these.

I usually have a latest Blender official from the top of their download site
and a few Alphas or Betas, for which I can copy the bpy_speckle folder over
manually from the official version’s Settings Folder.

I only have the officials and I haven’t learned how to install multiple versions of Blender yet. I’m still new to the program since I got other interests, so I’m not at that stage where I choose whichever version I want to work on. It does sound interesting but currently I’m working on a big project right now and I don’t want to risk messing the file up.

So it is definitely another problem, not about prereleases.

I have Speckle on Windows too and so far also no problems.
(I do not really use the PC, I am a Mac user)
I always had bpy_speckle folders in the given AppData folders.

So your problem sounds quite strange.
Is there any special Antivirus or Security Software running that
may prevent Speckle from proper installation or puts the files
in quarantine ?

In case one day you want multiple Blender installations,
nut sure with Windows but AFAIR you just install different App versions
by assigning a separate App Folder while installation.

On Mac, when installing, I do not directly drag any extra Blender App into
the Application Folder directly as usual. I drag it to Downloads or Desktop
first and rename it - so it will not overwrite an existing Blender when I finally
drag it into the Application Folder.

Thanks for the tips on installing other Blender versions, but in regards to my situation, I suspect I installed Blender in an awkward location. Otherwise, I’m not sure for the moment. It have been the antivirus issue but I didn’t run into any errors while installing Blender.

on Windows I installed Blender from Microsoft Store.
That updates Blender official to latest version automatically !

Unfortunately on Mac Blender is not available in Mac App Store.
(License reasons ?) Therefore my manual custom installations.