Speckle Manager Warning "Cannot connect to the internet, are you online? Refresh to try again"

SUUID: b3565312-dbb0-4e43-8011-9f91f1d6401f

I’ve reinstalled a few times, was working a few weeks ago last time I updated…


Could be firewalls or something at our end…

To be clear, I absolutely am connected to the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @chris.welch !
Does the “cannot connect” message always show up or only randomly? Are you able to install any connectors or do they all fail?

My first hunch is that a firewall could be preventing Manager from reaching the WWW, so the first thing could be checking with IT if they could unblock it!

Always shows up, basically on hitting every command - it all fails. I’ll run it past the IT team and get back to you.

Morning! There’s a list of urls that speckle needs here in case it helps.