Speckle Manager updating (windows app)

Hi all,

A few days in a row I see the following popup in windows when I boot my pc, but the Speckle Manager doesn’t seem to be updating. Even though I’ve shut down my pc several times. Anything specific I need to do to install the update or should it go automatically?


Hi Jeroen!

We are aware of this issue in previous versions. As a quick work-around, can you try and manually close the speckle manager by right-clicking the toolbar icon, and re-opening the manager again?

Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 08.50.48

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Hi Alan, thank you for the great suggestion! It worked like a charm.
One side note, the previous version is not (yet) automatically uninstalled.

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Ouch! Thanks for pointing that out, I’m not sure we had that one tracked. Maybe @teocomi knows more about this than I do…

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Yup, I’m on it! Thanks for reporting @JdB_RHDHV


Hi @teocomi and @AlanRynne - I’ve been thinking about this (my Manager does not update automatically either), and this morning I got a prompt to update Steam (yay, Townscaper!) that said:

There is an update for Steam available, would you like to restart Steam now to apply it?
(followed by details of the change)

It struck me that this might be a good mechanism for the Speckle Manager, since in normal use, the Speckle Manager will never be restarted.


We’ve fixed that! And implemented a notification system similar to what you describe.
Here’s a beta release if you wanna try it: https://speckle-releases.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/manager/SpeckleManager%20Setup%202.0.16-beta.exe

We’re waiting to roll it out to everyone until we get our code signing certificate :wink:

Sweet - EV certificates FTW! Is the Manager going to be open sourced at some point?

That’s a tough one! Unfortunately no; there’s quite a few reasons for why not, the main one is security and controlling what dlls get distributed to 1000s of computers. Nevertheless, we will offer customisations of it to our enterprise customers :sunglasses:


hmmm…that’s very interesting. Could you please send me some info on your enterprise plans?

We are rolling out a new website with all the info soon! In the meantime feel free to reach to us via email and we can discuss.

is there a general location to find the speckle manager? I was downloading from the speckle-sharp github but this version is more recent than that version.

Hey David,

The offical url to download Speckle Manager is still the one mentioned in the readmes: https://speckle-releases.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/manager/SpeckleManager%20Setup.exe

The version linked above (2.0.16-beta) is not ready for general consumption, but as soon as it is, it’ll be distributed with the usual link!

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ah good to know! As a side note, I was getting an error with the account manager not returning any accounts that had been locally created but this was fixed once I discovered this thread.


Ah, thanks, we’ll try releasing the new version sooner then!!


Updating the Speckle Manager works like a charm now! And updating the connectors is just as easy, great stuff!
One question, would it be an idea to add an “update all connectors” button so then the user doesn’t need to click on them one by one?


Glad to hear that @JdB_RHDHV ! Yes, I actually just created an issue for that yesterday :slight_smile:
Also, let us know if the update notifications are too obtrusive and we’ll try make them more subtle.

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