Speckle Manager - Update visible for not installed connector

Hey guys,

I have a weird problem. I don’t have speckle connector installed but when I open Speckle Manager I see an update for it. Even if I select uninstall, update is still visible.

I think this might be a bug or something.

Can you check under “Apps and Features” if it shows there?


Alternatively, it could be a registry key that didn’t get correctly deleted. To remove it, you could

  • install the blender connector and remove it again
  • or, search the registry for keys containing C1A57482-4D24-4C38-A788-28518613DB4B and delete them

hey @teocomi,

i checked and its not installed.


interestingly, after i installed blender connector, i got an update for speckle manager. i dont know if its just a coincidence or not. i installed it anyway.

now, i cant delete the connector.

What happens if you go in the Settings and click “Reset Manager”?

still shows as if blender’s connecter is installed.

So there was a key in the registry left from an older version of the installer, we had to manually delete it.

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Yep, that was it. thanks @teocomi