Speckle Manager not opening

Hello Specklers,

today I have an issue where I cannot open the Speckle Manager. Sadly I can not give you further information … now mentioning the IT standard hacks I have tried to punch this issue away:

  • Checking if the PC is plugged in … yes
  • restart did not work
  • opening manager as administrator did not work
  • uninstalling and reinstalling did not work
  • downloading the newest version from your webpage … usually did the trick in the past … because this happened a few times … failed
  • looking for a possible log … nothing found
  • blaming Windows 11 even if it is not its fault … already done
  • deleting the whole Speckle Manager folder, after uninstalling and then reinstalling… did not work

The only thing I did not kick against was the Windows Registry … yet.

Maybe you guys have a trick up your sleeves. Sorry for not providing more details. I don’t see any :frowning:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Hey Alex,

Sorry about that; it seems like you’ve already done most of the usual checks :confused:
To troubleshoot even further, could you please try installing these two versions and see if any works?

If nothing works, it means something on your system must have changed, and we could try with a live debug session…


  • does your system, by any chance, use a virtual desktop environment or similar?

Thanks Matteo!

The new beta from yesterday worked :slight_smile:

Same thing like last time I had this issue … new is always better :smile:

Regarding your question:
I’m not running this on a virtual desktop

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Glad to hear, although this is quite odd! Keep us posted in case it happens again…

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Hi Matteo,
it happened again :frowning: . Speckle Manager is not open in the taskbar and also cannot be opened. Reinstalling also did not do the trick. Until yesterday evening it worked. The battery of the laptop went out on standby and today the laptop started without Speckle. The log file from yesterday seemed fine. Last time installing a new beta version helped in solving that. Do you have an idea how to solve that?


Downloaded something new and it worked again … I don’t know where this came from

Somehow the manager has vanished again … super strange. It seems it is also only on my machine. The other PCs inside of our company don’t have the issue.

This is really weird Alex, could you please check in your antivirus valut if it ended up there?

It was not the Sophos Antivirus … but also we don’t know why the Speckle Manager went into hiding. New updated version of yours and it said “hello I’m back”. Next time when this is happening, I will try to play detective with our IT guy and let you know.


Thanks, and also sending us a copy of the log might help! :crossed_fingers:

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