Speckle Manager not detecting installed connectors

Hi guys,

Recently I started having issues with Speckle Manager. So I made a complete reinstall. But now, it doesn’t detect installed connectors. When I click Install, it reinstalls them. Any idea why it might be happening?

Hey man,

Can you please do the following to help us debug this?

  • open a command prompt and run wmic useraccount where name="%username%" get sid
  • copy the log value starting with S (SID) and paste it here
  • open the Registry Editor (can type regedit in the windows search)
  • Edit > Find… > Search for {A7842931-C5EA-49BF-83DE-3D2D43B13852}_is1 in the Keys (which is the Revit Connector installer guid)
  • paste here a picture showing the full path on top of the registry editor


If the value in the red box does not match your SID we have a problem :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the quick debug call, I think I’ve nailed it!
2.1.25 should fix this (building now), lemme know :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed. Thanks @teocomi