Speckle Leapfrog connector?

Hi all, out of interest, has there been a request for a Speckle Leapfrog connector before? Seequent Leapfrog Works


Hi @JdB

It looks like you are the first one to ask for this connector. While it’s not currently on our roadmap, it would be great to learn more about possible use cases and workflows. I checked Leapfrog’s web site and understand how it helps on civil engineering projects but could you tell me more about:

  • the use case and teams the connector would empower
  • input data on receive and output data on send for the connector (meshes, curves, data tables,…)
  • how would it fit in your workflow, what applications would you like to connect with (Revit, Civil3D, …)

Any more thoughts or details are welcome.


Leapfrog is used to build models of ground conditions and can be used to generate information from an import of Ground investigation data for example. I’d see the main use as being within Civils 3D and Revit to understand how the structure or works interface with the ground conditions. This is often only considered in 2D, the connector would enable the information be be directly integrated rather than exported to dwg and imported.

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I heard of Leapfrog Tools a week ago for the first time, when someone asked
for getting it included into Vectorworks. (License ?)

But it looks cool.
And if I got that right there is again a Dion Moult behind it, which already
impressed me by a related Blender AddOn.

Leapfrog may be far away from what most smaller architectural offices will
go for examination of loci and design. But if I watch Unreal Engine architectural
users from large companies, e.g. Zaha Hadid, for me it looks like they use such
data and and maybe have an own team to handle such data.

So, as always, I have not much clue, but for me it “feels” like it is woth to support
Leapfrog Tools.

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Would be interested to hear if there has been any further work on a Leapfrog x Speckle connector, this presentation form Seequent x Arup shows one has been developed: Connecting geology to design | Seequent x Speckle - Seequent

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