Speckle - large models

Hi i am trying to upload to specke larger model from rhino. I have noticed that some elements take long time to convert?/export (guessing polyfurfaces and block) while other goes very fast. Do you have some tips how to speedup upload, what geometry types are slow? it there a way to add certain objects to commit that is already online ? lets say it take 2 hours to upload and then i would like to add one more layer with objects that was forgotten.

best vladimir

Hey @vladimir.ondejcik! Nice to see you here - our tu delft generation is getting old, i see :sweat_smile:

There are, of course, some things that are heavier than others. Breps, for example, are for sure slower than the rest! Blocks too (if they contain breps). Sometimes - as other tips - we found Rhino is generating huge meshes for very simple shapes, even with our “conservative” meshing settings; what you think is a simple quad panel sometimes can spike to a 10k vertices mesh :confused: Multiply that by 1000 panels for a standard facade…

The 2h upload sounds scary for us though, and shouldn’t be happening - unless it’s a really huge model and/or bad internet connection. We would love to debug this, as there are for sure optimisations that we can do from our end - would there be a chance we could get a sample model of sorts for debugging purposes? We’re happy to sign NDAs, etc.! (feel free to ping me via email at d@speckle.systems).


hi thanks for reply , it seems that everyone went for holidays, once i get permission to share files i ll come back (expected somewhere in august)

there are blocks in files and mostly breps, i might give it a try to convert everything to mesh and compare times

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Nice, ok! Even maybe a private super small screenshot via DM or email (d@speckle.systems) would help to understand the scale :smiley: There are known optimisations we can do, especially for blocks!

Enjoy the holidays otherwise!

So i tried to covert everything in context model to mesh and that took no time to upload. but when running original model it is stucked at conversion , converts like 1-3 object per second. most of file are simple surfaces or polysurfaces. (this one was context modell, so simple box like objects like 200 buildings and some terrain)
also for rhino it took like 10 seconds to convert everything to mesh


okay, gotcha! thanks for this. we’ll wait for a wee sample, as the devil’s in the details here - that sounds like a really low conversion speed which is not cool, and probs to do with some of our brep hacks that are needed to make them work in revit, but perhaps there’s room for improvement. most brep cases convert fast (or should convert fast…).

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Hi, it seems i missed to send you the files before holidays, i have created an exploded file as we cannot share model outside. that contains same geometry but on wrong location. I invite you to speckle stream to check on issue.

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Hey @vladimir.ondejcik! I pinged you via email just now, but for reference: the latest connector beta release (hopefully to be pushed out on monday in the mainline!) comes with a huge speedup; the file you sent us goes through much faster. Let us know if you have the chance to test it out beforehand.

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