Speckle installer for all users

Hi all!
Is it possible to install Speckle for all users on the machine instead of only the current user? We are trying to install Speckle on a virtual machine on multiple user accounts.

Hey @JdB,

We don’t support this scenario at the moment. The Speckle kits have to be in %localappdata% which is relative to each user so, changing the installation script to run on a shared location (eg program data or app data) would require changes in Speckle Core as well.

I’ve checked and it seems that InnoSetup doesn’t have a setting to “run for each user on a machine” but you could trigger it in the background (by using command line args) for each user at logon or via some system administrator tools…

This is good feedback for 2.0 thought, we should allow for both local and global installs!

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Thank you for your quick and clear response. Also great to hear that it could be an implementation for 2.0!

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