Speckle in Rhino WIP/7 (for Rhino inside Revit)

Hi all,

Dimitrie helped me setup to get Speckle running in Rhino WIP/7 so we can use Speckle within Grasshopper in Rhino inside Revit (thats a whole lot of insides).


  1. Install Speckle for Rhino 6 using the installer
  2. Browse to C:\Users*YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\plug-ins* and copy/paste the Speckle for Rhino folder to Rhinoceros\7.0\plug-ins
  3. Run Rhino WIP/7, start the pluginmanager and click install. Browse to Rhinoceros\7.0\plug-ins and select the .rhp file to install
  4. Done! Speckle should now work from within Rhino WIP and Grasshopper



Hey @Joost_Schlebaum! Thanks, Iā€™m sure this will be useful to more people :slight_smile: