Speckle in Linked Data

Is using (or supporting) a graph database based upon Linked Data standards as a means to i.e. store, integrate, query (using i.e. graphQL) and validate the Speckle data something worth to considering as a feature? There are various initiatives (by companies, universities) in the AEC industry that foster its use.

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Hey @rbbk!

Thanks for bringing this up! I’m not sure we have any plans for this right now but… on a personal note, I have been wanting to make some time to look into this since I attended a workshop at BILT Valencia from the LDBIM peeps :eyes: https://ld-bim.web.app/

The ability to query the models does sound like a powerful thing indeed. Not only within a building, but across a studio’s portfolio, such as finding buildings that used XX family/object/whatever in the past.

I think the possibilities are quite interesting indeed but not sure how this would even work :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for the quick reply (and the link)! Is this something you can bring up as something to discuss in your team? Or maybe it’s a idea to discuss the (in)possibilities with the people behind the LDAC2023 - Linked Data in Architecture and Construction (first)?

Would love to hear about about your findings when you have the time to start researching it :slight_smile: