Speckle History of Stream

History is a great idea,
are already in place any best practices to track the history of the streams?
It seems that with Dynamo if I copy-paste the stream it won’t work.
In Rhino I can add an element to the stream and it will display in the history tab

It’s a good shout. Here’s how it works right now:

  • Dynamo and Grasshopper: they create stream history instances only in “manual mode”
  • Rhino, Revit: on every push.

We’re still working through the best models to expose this, so if any opinions on the matter do shoot!

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Thanks Dimitrie,
in Dynamo Grasshopper even if I change the object the history of the stream will stay the same as the streamID. what should I do to see and track the history?!
I am in the “manual mode”.

If you are in manual mode, then every time you “push”, this will create a child streams. You can see the “snapshots” in the admin (for example: Speckle) or as well by right clicking a receiver, and going under “children”.

To access that specific snapshot, you just need to create a receiver with the snapshot’s streamId, and voila.

As I said, we’re aware this is not an ideal workflow. We’re working on improving this, and there’s some ideas floating around to shape this:

  • all sender clients create “history”.
  • users can tag snapshots with whatever they want, ie “v.0.0.1”, “STAGE_XXX-deliverable”, etc.
  • receivers, by default, will receive the latest “tag”, but you’ll be able through the ui select which “tag” you want to receive (so we remove some of the hassle of creating a new receiver).

The above is just an idea, input is welcome.

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Oh, thank you so much, Dimitrie.

I found your ideas pretty useful: