Speckle for Sketchup

Hi all, I was an early adopter of Flux back in 2017 and was a big fan of being able to quickly throw geometry into Sketchup for the sole purpose of using its Sun/Shadows feature. Even will all the graphics and workflow improvements that have happened since then, I still believe Sketchup has the fastest and most intuitive way of getting nice, sharp shadows that are geolocated and accurate. With a script I came up with to match Rhino cameras to Sketchup, I ended up using this connection constantly for quick design studies. Once Flux went away, this slowed down the workflow enough for me to stop using it regularly. You can read about that workflow at this blog post I made back then: http://www.deisherstudio.com/blog/2017/7/4/match-rhino-and-sketchup-cameras

I’m reaching out to ask if you’ve looked into bringing Speckle to Sketchup. Beyond the shadow features, I know plenty of users who rely on it for various features, and some who still use it as their primary modeling program. Let me know your thoughts!


Hey @Scott_Deisher! Yes, most definitively. Sketchup is quite high in our backlog! @clrkng just started rolling named view support for rhino and revit, and we can see this making its way in.

Main bottleneck with Sketchup that we currently have is lack of experience with its API (aside time!)

Cool! Named View support would be amazing. I’ve run into some issues trying to recreate the Rhino/Sketchup view workflow in a Rhino/Revit environment, and Rhino Inside Revit’s approach to this hasn’t been perfectly smoothed out yet. Doing this in Speckle would be a really nice way to manage camera views across a team.

Is the intent that the camera data (location, target, lens length) would all be stored as a Speckle object and then activated in the other program?

This is WIP, but yes: here’s how the current 3d view object looks like: Speckle. It’s part and parcel of what’s been sent out of Revit. When received in Revit, I imagine this will actually create a 3d view; in Rhino a named view; etc. (@clrkng feel free to correct me here, you’re doing the work!)

We might refine the data inside as we progress (expecting a more “camera” like class for support in unity, the online viewer, etc.)

Yup, the goal is to support Rhino Named View ← → Revit 3D view conversions. The current object model looks like this when sent from Rhino, with camera, target, lens, and basic projection (parallel vs perspective) info.

The model will most likely evolve with further testing, eg supporting additional camera props and projection types - let us know if you have any specific requests!

Seems like that link is for developers only, but this sounds great. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

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