Speckle for Rhino Mac Bug - Menu commands greyed out, inactive

Hi. Ive installed speckle manager as well as the Rhino and GH connectors. My Rhino application now says Speckle, instead of Rhinoceros on the title bar. Also I cannot use the command menus, only typed commands work.

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I see this a known problem - hope you can sort it out soon. Keen to get going with Speckle


Hi there, got the same issue, did you find a way to revert your Rhino menu to non-greyed out state? I’ve uninstalled etc, but can’t figure it out?


Hi. Unfortunately not. I ended up formatting my SSD and reinstalling everything for Rhino to be usable again. So not using Speckle atm.

Hi there! Could you try manually deleting the rhino installed files from:

~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/MacPlugins/

If you want to fully uninstall Speckle, you should also delete


Let me know if that still gives you trouble when loading Rhino

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Hey folks,

sorry to hear about your troubles! Uninstalling the Connector is enough, no need to take further actions :cold_sweat:.
Please be aware that Manager and the Connectors are separate apps, so uninstalling Manager does not also remove the installed Connectors.

In case the uninstallation of the Rhino Connector from Manager fails, you can manually remove it by deleting the paths Alan mentioned above :slight_smile:

Sorry again about this, we’re working on a fix!


Hey @4d-Studio and @danielrous ,

This issue has been fixed in 2.9.2, can you please give it a quick try? Appreciate it :hugs:!