Speckle for Rhino and GH and Revit / Hestia connection issue

Hello! Trying the latest Speckle for Rhino and GH on Rhino 6 RS26. The Rhino plugin gives me a
Error: Request failed with a status code 401

In GH, the sender I’m trying to make is disabled:


I can add accounts and such:


I’m getting similar behavior with the Revit plugin, so it seems the issue is generally that of my machine.

Anything I’m not doing correctly?

I’m having the same issues.
Same builds and Hestia Server.

Maybe Hestia was temporarily down? Works for me now!
cc @dimitrie

Update: Grasshopper works, but I can’t get the Rhino client to connect… Will debug later!

Hi @luis & @martinromby, can you try creating a new account and letting me know if that makes things ok with hestia?

This might have something to do with the actual age of your account (2 years+?). I’ll investigate this evening or tomorrow, if I have your permission to peek at your accounts in hestia’s db :slight_smile:

Permission granted for my part @dimitrie

Ok by me …

@dimitrie I’ve created a new account on Hestia and can confirm that it is working. Looks like it has something to do with the age of the accounts.

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I can confirm that making a new account means that everything works as expected. I don’t have anything meaningful in either of my other accounts so I guess I could delete them and start over.

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This is, unfortunately, because of a bigger issue that I’ve decided to not fix in one point oh, and it’s already sorted in two point oh.

In v1, the api token that desktop clients use has a lifespan of two years, time after which it becomes invalid. Why was this? So you don’t have to login from desktop clients every n-weeks or so. The web clients use a much shorter lived token that basically gets refreshed always. Alas, for the clients, there’s no easy way to implement this right now: it would require writing a lot of “dead” code (server, speckle popup, revit ui, rhino ui).

To not loose streams, I would create a new account, and share them from the old one with your new persona on hestia.

PS: I’ve written this like… 1 day ago(?) and never posted it. Sorry for the delay - was just cleaning up my tabs and found it lying there…

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