Speckle for Revit 2022

Hey everyone,

When will Speckle be available for Revit 2022? I have a project in which I will create Floors with opening and send it back to Revit 2021. Floors with holes functionality is only available in Revit 2022.

Hello Mucahit!

This is actually part of the current sprint and should be completed within 2 weeks, see issue below.

I think you can have floors with holes in Revit 2021 already or am I missing something?

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Great news, looks like we have to wait for a bit more. :stopwatch:

and no, we can’t have floors with holes through 2021’s API.

But even if 2022 has an API to create floors with holes we won’t be able to use it when creating floors in 2021…

The good news is that we already have a workaround to this, if you send a floor with holes now, the holes are recreated as “floor opening cuts”.

Hope it helps!


i wish we did openings on floors with floor cuts but no, we do them by editing floor boundaries because of some reason. What i was thinking is creating them using 2022, and send it to 2021 :slight_smile:

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Got it!
Unfortunately, if you create them in 2022 and send them to 2021 they will show up with floor cuts. That’s because Speckle can only use the Revit 2021 API in 2021 to recreate the floors when they are received.

Only if sending from 2022 to 2022 we’ll be able to recreate them with nested boundary lines.

Hope it makes sense!

totally makes sense, i got it.:+1:t2: