Speckle for Dynamo for Civil 3D


I’m really stoked about the rapid development of Speckle 2.0, but was a bit disappointed that the Speckle for Dynamo app didn’t work for Dynamo on Civil 3D as it has in 1.0. Is that included in the Speckle for Civil 3D app (haven’t been able to get my hands on the latest versions to try)? Or will the functionality be added to Speckle for Dynamo later? I really hope that it is not forgotten :crossed_fingers:


Hey Niklas!

It’s not forgotten :slight_smile: we have pushed it back a bit because we now have an official Civil3D connector! Have you tried it? If you really need a Dynamo for Civil 3D connector we’d be happy to include that in an upcoming sprint.

Sweet, nice to hear about that workflow, it’ll definitely help us decide how alignments could work when received in Revit.
@clrkng how do alignemnts currently work? I guess they are only supported C3D<>C3D?

Cc @cesare.caoduro who’s been working on a similar flow!

Your email reply ended in my inbox instead of here, so I took the freedom to paste it as a quote :slight_smile:

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Hi @Niklas_Edlind -

Regarding alignments, currently they are coming out of C3D as curves with basic station information attached. I’d be curious to see what you’re trying to do with Dynamo/Revit, specifically what station data you need, and we can definitely look into building this behavior into the C3D connector - we can set up a google meet and have a quick chat when you are available!

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Sounds promising! I’m using it to create bridges and other civil structures by referencing Alignment, start and end stations to get a curve to host profile geometries for lofting. Ideally a curve could be output directly, but for my purposes its fine to send a list of stations and get a bunch of points back to spline together. A meeting would be great. Things are a bit busy now, but in a couple of weeks I would love to have a chat.

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Am I missing something in the connector? I have tried to use the Civil 3D connector and I can’t seem to be able to export Alignments.
I have a process in place to use Dynamo to extract all the data and serialize them into a JSON to be sent to Revit where I have am in-house library to deserialize the entities into more “Revit-like” objects.
I was looking to the possibility to avoid this custom serialization of the entities (aligment, profiles, etc.) and sync them using Speckle.

The docs say that Alignment is in progress. Along with some other goodies. No Corridor though :face_with_monocle:


@cesare.caoduro @Niklas_Edlind

Poking into this now, it does seem like there’s a conversion issue for alignments to curves atm - this should be resolved soon! Also re: corridors, looking into adding them in the next sprint :+1:

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