Speckle Failing to Convert

Hello all,

New User Here!

I am attempting to convert surfaces from Rhino to Revit using the speckle manager. I followed the steps of the video that I will link below regarding the steps of converting surfaces in rhino to revit floors. Unfortunately, I have received an error message that says"

"Failed to convert due to unexpected error.
The input point lies outside of Revit Design limits.
Parameter name: origin
Conversion to native Revit object failed. Retrying conversion with displayable geometry.

Some of the geometries convert into floors, but most fail to convert.

Any help would be appreciated! Resources below for troubleshooting.


Speckle Link:

YouTube video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcT6gBaCds8&ab_channel=Speckle

Thank you!

Hi Justin,

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Judging from the error message, the objects have been modeled too far from the origin. Does the conversion work if you move them to the Rhino 0,0,0?
Also, make sure the units selected in the Rhino document are correct.