Speckle Excel - properties not showing in excel receiever

i understand it is still early days for excel speckle. however i noticed that it looks like the properties field in the speckle object are not being shown in excel. let me know if im doing something wrong here…

the receiver rendering the object in excel:

i cant load more images as a new user but theye are hosted here:

the object should look this below:

it seems like updating the object with python works fine

I think i’ve noticed this too when i got the chance to test this some time ago. Pinging master @mishaelnuh to see what he says.

How are you updating the object? there’s a recent, non-documented /derive endpoint, which basically adds/overwrites an existing object’s fields, and gives you a new id - useful if you’ve got a big mesh you want to add analysis results to it, and be proper immutable (the so-called speckle way).

For excel, you can probably get away with a query( /streams/${id}/objects?fields=properties.yo) and import json or something, until we get properly on board with excel.

Thanks for pointing this out! I just pushed out a fix that should be live. I’m pretty busy with school right now, but if you find any more bugs please let me know! I’ll use them as an excuse to procrastinate.