Speckle Excel connector still slow?

opening a new thread since I asked too many questions (that have been resolved :slight_smile:) in the last one: Speckle Excel connector slow?

I am now detaching everything, which sped things up a lot (~half the time), but receiving in Excel is still painfully slow! Also it seems to be independent from how the data is created, just try to pull something with a couple of hundred of elements. Although this only happens if you pick something other than the root base object, which I need to do to get the data displayed neatly in Excel (or do it not?):

Example stream: Speckle

Unfortunately that doesn´t really help :innocent:

Also I heard @connor wants to add a 3d viewer (Excel and 3D viewer?)? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the update @tlmn ! We’re currently busy with the 2.10 release but will make sure to spend some time on this afterward :slight_smile: