Speckle Desktop UI window not visible in AutoCAD 2023

I installed the Speckle Connector for Autocad but it is not visible inside AutoCAD 2023 even if I type “speckle” in the command line, just a “Unknown command” message. I tried to reinstall the connector and restart AutoCAD but it did not help. Right now I run AutoCAD as trial license. Any idea how to find out what is wrong?

Hi @MaxT , currently we’re only supporting AutoCAD 2021 & 2022! We can add 2023 support in the upcoming sprints :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, no hurry, I have lots of other Connectors to play with.

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You were fast @MaxT , I believe acad 2023 was just released 2 days ago! :wink:

Just my luck, it was the only trial version I could find. I should have downloaded it last week.

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