Speckle customizing environment variables

Dear community.
I would like to customize the following information for private Speckle-v2 deployment.
I am exploring the .env-example config file here but within the standards variables, I cannot find something properly to do it.
How can I customize this information?


In addition, I am using AZURE AD authentication, I have not involved AZURE_AD_ISSUER variable, but it works for me.
What does it mean? which value should I put there?

Do you have documentation about all possible environment variables I can customize?

hey @bgarcial, you can customise those straight away from your profile page - if you’re the admin. You get to be the admin if you’re the first user to register on the server. Which you probably should be or are already since you’re talking re server deployments.

Please note, these are not env variables. They’re server setup variables, and are stored in the server_config table.

@AlanRynne will be embarking this sprint on an issue that’s going to make editing these nicer and clearer (+more - stay tuned :sunglasses:).

Re env vars docs, the only docs we have around them are in the .env-example file.

Re the AD strategy: the AZURE_AD_ISSUER is present too usually (emphasis on usually) in the AZURE_AD_IDENTITY_METADATA url you had to fill in. It’s good to have both, but you’re right, it can probably be removed.


Thanks, @dimitrie, I’ve modified the values making use of the admin user.
I will keep an eye on the new frontend changes then :slight_smile:

Is there a variable to toggle on/off the admin user like FIRST_USER_ADMIN=true in Speckle v1?

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Glad it worked! There isn’t at the moment. In the backburner of my brain there’s a bigger revamp coming up on all the variables and config side of things - esp re clarifying env vars vs. server customisation vars, and which is which.

Once headspace materialises we will definitively make space in our sprints to improve things in this corner of Speckle…

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Ok, so at the moment, internally by default, the first user logged in is the admin. Even without a env variable declared. Looking forward to see the upcoming changes/improvements.
Foremost, because the documentation about what can we customize/configure/change is not enough in the repo and website.