Speckle connector not showing up in archicad toolbar "interoperability"

Hey! I have Archicad version 27 and installed the newest archicad connector over my speckle manager but when I open the archicad 27 interoperability tab there is nothing with speckle showing up. how can I make the speckle add-on show in archicad? thanks:)

Hey @Cheryne_Alisha ,

We added Archicad 27 support in 2.18.0-rc (Release Candidate). We will publish the stable release next week. You can access it from Manager. (Make sure you enable Show pre-releases option)

Hello There,

I have a similar problem. I installed the version 2.18.0-rc of the Archicad connector. I can find the Speckle connection under File > Interoperability > Speckle. But when I click on it, no dialogue opens. There is no window, palette or tab in Archicad for Speckle/

I try this in Archicad 27 and 26 and result is the same. Any possible help?

Thank you in advance Speckle team

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