Speckle connector icon is not showing in SketchUp 2021

Hi Team

I have installed the speckle connector for SketchUp 2021, but its icon is not available on the menu bar.

I also check under toolbars; speckle option is already tick.

When I check under extension manager, it is showing unsigned, I try to fix it but not able to do it.

Looking for help, please have a look at the above mentioned issues.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Hi @Kumarravi007

Does it help to Reset Workspace? Window → Preferences → Workspace → Reset Workspace

Hi @Jedd

Thanks for reply

I try the above steps, but it has not solved the mentioned issues.

Hoping to get the solution soon.


If i remember correctly last time (long time ago!) when i debugged this, the menu item did appear, just in a totally random place on my other screen, and I had to drag it manually to dock it within the sketchup ui.

@Kumarravi007 - try minimising everything besides sketchup, and turning the Speckle extension on again, and see if it shows up on any other monitor/random place on your screens :sweat_smile:


Hi @dimitrie

Thanks, I find the speckle connectors icon on my second screen, and then I dock it within the SketchUp UI.