Speckle "CLIP BOX"

I assume the “Speckle Clip Box” option is not easy to implement, but I am certain that in many real-life design cases, it would be extremely useful. When dealing with large and complex models, you often need to decide whether to export the entire model or only specific elements in their entirety through Speckle to share or request information from collaborators. In many instances of collaboration in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), you might want to share only a certain area of the entire building where you wish to clarify specific technical issues. While “Speckle Comments” can be used to navigate directly to that particular area, it comes with the disadvantage of exporting the entire 3D model. Certainly, defining this “Clip Box” in the initial CAD software (Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, etc.) would greatly reduce the transmission process and file size.

Hey Stef, makes sense! This is supported right now in Revit - where you can have box clipped views. We theoretically send just what’s in the box.

It’s probably difficult to implement this in applications that do not support clip boxes natively. E.g., in Rhino you can have multiple clip planes, but they do not necessarily define a box.

Does sketchup support some manner of box clipping natively?