Speckle / CATIA

Long time Grasshopper/Revit/CATIA user. I have used XGEN and quite like it. Certainly more than Dynamo (cue uproar). However it doesn’t quite go far enough and there is always the import/export issue.

I am finally on a big CATIA project and in the absence of an XGEN license, I’m wondering if a Grasshopper/Speckle plugin couldn’t fill in gaps around generating powercopies, engineering templates, design options… and skip a lot of the CATIA process.

I’ve used EKL, C#, python in each platform but never an interconnector. Any direction on a good base point to start developing a Speckle integrator would be appreciated. Anyone have a partial fragment of CATIA/Speckle/Grasshopper that I could pick up and move forward?

Happy to debate platform preferences


Hey Josh!

Great to see you here and even more given your intentions to contribute with a new connector! :slight_smile:

I’ll ping some people who might have something to share: @d3ssy @mattjezyk @anatolyj

We can definitely help you on the C# front, except for @clrkng, our team is not very familiar with CATIA/ELK/XGEN :slight_smile:

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Hi @jm5000 ,

If you progress with CATIA dev, I’d be happy to discuss powercopy implementation (especially a powercopy class and maybe a GH component @AlanRynne ). It’s a data structure we’ve haven’t needed to support so far but potentially quite a useful one :v: