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In case you haven't heard, the Speckle Server is going through a complete overhaul for 2.0 -- a big part of which is moving the API over to GraphQL! The latest thing I've been working on is implementing subscriptions which will allow for real time updates for UIs and notifications. After a few days of happily tip-tapping away in VS code, a troubling thought started to dawn on me: I have no idea how I'm going to test these 😨

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Great post @izzylys! For those not familiar with subscriptions, they are the native way GraphQL Servers can send events to (subscribed) clients, this basically replaces the websockets we were using in 1.x, and as a matter of fact, subscriptions use websockets under the hood!
To clarify even further: Speckle Server 2.0 will be using the Apollo GrahpQL Server, the Apollo platform is an implementation of GraphQL, and there are several others out there! More info on its subscriptions can be found here.