Speckle Blog / Speckle 2.0 Alpha Release

We're very pleased to announce the alpha release of Speckle 2.0! 🎉

After a few months of hard work 💪 and sweat 💦 we've pulled together enough "stable" code to show you what's coming in 2.0. We hope existing contributors and implementers will check it out and provide feedback, this will help you ease the transition form 1.0 and will inform us on how to best tailor future developments.

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Heya @Community - that took longer than expected, but hey - Speckle alpha is out :boom::confetti_ball:

Some minor requests from our side would be to:

  • Keep an open attitude, and do provide feedback :mega:
  • Show us some love :heart: by starring those repos :star2::star2::star2:
  • If you have specific comments on the topics listed in there, head over to #speckle-insider and let rip in there, where we are discussing these things in more detail. :writing_hand:
  • Don’t forget this is a buggy, developers only release. Things will break! :bug:

My immediate reaction is that this code is so much easier to read and follow. A lot of that may be because its not as feature rich yet but the extra separation of classes and keeping things small is also an improvement.

Are you guys accepting pull requests? I just made one but didn’t consider if you guys would be open to them yet. If I do make any I’ll be sure to keep them small and with as few opinions as possible since I don’t want to distract from your development goals.


Saw it, that’s great! We’re cautiously open to them - yours fits the bill nicely as it’s small and to the point!

Just one minor quibble: we’ll be more strict in the future re enforcing our contribution guidelines. They don’t fully apply to your PR, as it’s super small and sweet, but a quick description in the PR would help :sunglasses:

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Ah you’ve already written up contributor guidelines fair enough. I guess mine falls under a minor bug then but I see your point I’ll stick to the house rules!

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