Speckle + AI Agents + BI Analytics

Just want to showcase a mini project that I made. I hope to get some good feedback and find more use-cases.

In this case I am using a sample open Speckle project that i found in the forum.
I connected the Speckle model with an SQL database and then used an SQLAgent to retrieve the data. In order for the Agent to perform better and be more accurate, users need to provide small descriptions for each parameter. While this step is optional, it is highly recommended for bespoke/codified parameters. Following this, the user and other team members can access the project and ask plain English questions about the model data. As a final step, users can utilize a series of agent tools. For example, I built an agent tool that creates a bar chart. I am planning to build more of these tools to perform additional actions.

The high-level idea is to make data accessible to all the stakeholders. Anyone, whether technical or non-technical, can simply ask plain English questions to retrieve the data and then use automated tools (agents) to analyze and perform tasks.

Stack: Typescript, NextJS, Supabase, Speckle, FastAPI


Amazing work, thanks for sharing @Nikos_Argyros !


This is great work @Nikos_Argyros !!

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