Speckle accesible via the path of the URL

Hello dear fellow Specklers,

is it possible to have Speckle be sorted into the path of the URL (like this “https://domain.com**/speckle**”) instead of being accessed via"https://domain.com"?

I tried it out but it seems not to work … either it is me doing something wrong or it is not possible.

Just out of curiosity as it would make our user’s life easier …

Would be cool if it works … if not it is fine too :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best


Hi @AlexHofbeck

Unfortunately that is not currently possible; Speckle assumes that it will be found at the root path of a domain (or sub-domain).


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Thanks for your super fast response Iain :slight_smile:. Would be icing on the cake, but we can cope otherwise too :slight_smile:. Have a nice evening!


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Maybe to add to the above. It spun up from our desire to offer webapps for Speckle in one row of URL links with different URL paths /app#1, /app#2 within the same speckle domain.

It would be really brilliant if you could offer some “add applications function”, where Speckle offers UI-wise the integration of related apps. Maybe a pre-stage to an app store, when the app ecosystem has grown bigger.

add another button in the old frontend … with the new one it is a bit trickier to find out where those apps can be listed.

I hope this is clear what I mean with that, I’m happy to talk with you briefly about it.