Speckle 2 GSA Compatibility/Connector and Guide?

Hi All! I am currently an intern and my supervisor gave me a task to design and analyze a bridge structure. He gave me a digital workflow guide using Speckle V1 but I wanted to incorporate Speckle V2 in it. I have not seen any mention about GH & GSA connectors but I am able to find Speckle2 GSA nodes/GSA nodes as well as videos made by Jenessa Man (Arup) & Reynold Chan (Speckle) using Speckle V2 with GSA.

I was wondering if this digital workflow is possible and if does are there any guides that I can follow that could help me understand the process as well as how to transfer the data to GSA?

Sorry for asking too much! I am new to this concept and started learning how to use GSA yesterday! Cheers and Happy New Year to All!

Hey @Lance_Pua welcome to these parts!

The GSA connector for Speckle v2 has not yet been released publicly by Arup, hopefully that’ll happen early next year so you won’t have to use the old version of Speckle.
I’ll let @daviddekoning and @jenessa.man give you a more accurate timeline.

Happy new year to you too!

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Hey @teocomi ! May I ask if I can use Speckle 2 GSA and Speckle 2 Structural components to transfer the data through Speckle GSA v0.11.1.0 connector to GSA or am I strictly limited to Speckle V1 components ?

I’m afraid you cannot use the v2 structural kit with the v1 connector and vice versa.
If you can tell us a bit more about what you’re trying to achieve maybe @Reynold_Chan can suggest some workarounds…

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Hello Lance ! i’m assuming you’re an intern at Arup and you’re using GSA. If you are, the GSA connector for Speckle v2 is managed internally through the Arup installer. If you’re not an intern at Arup, stay tuned as we figure out the public
release for GSA. This workflow is possible. I’m not quite sure what your digital workflow consists of, and whether it’s just mainly grasshopper. If it is just grasshopper you can follow the some what decent webinar here. Let me know if this helps !


Thank you very much for the suggestion!

Hi Reynold, yes I am interning at Arup. I was just worried that I could not do this type of workflow. I also am only using grasshopper exclusively and have already gone through the webinar you sent. Thank you very much! I will post again if I encounter any issues!


Hi Reynold I just wanted to ask why are there discrepancies ie. members/nodes are missing with the model preview in Speckle and when I transferred it in GSA? Is there anything I did wrong ? Thank you very much! Sorry for asking too many questions.

Hey Lance ! no please continue to ask questions and post things here if there’s problems. So I can’t exactly tell what’s wrong with the GSA connector since we’re not the ones developing it. @nicburgers might be able to give a bit more insight here. I’m assuming you’re generating this from grasshopper then pushing it into GSA. You can try sending some elements from GSA directly for a test into the speckle server so you can make sure that you’re defining everything properly as expected that the GSA connector would expect to have in the grasshopper script. Also there’s a lot more GSA specific elements in the kit that you can use, so definitely use those whenever you can as opposed to general structural elements you get from the kit. Let me know if that helps ?

Since you’re at Arup, there should be an internal speckle user group that you should be able to join for more GSA Speckle user. On a side note, was the webinar useful in terms of helping you understand how to use grasshopper in general with the structural kit ?


Thank you for sharing Reynold! The link is indeed the Speckle@Arup Installer, which comes with a few extra things and is intended for internal use in Arup, but of course others are free to use it as well.

The soft release of the stand alone installer for the GSA connector can be found here (look for the latest gsa Pre-release): Release gsa/ · arup-group/speckle-sharp · GitHub

And thank you for helping Lance to get started. I’ve added Lance to the Arup internal Speckle user group :slight_smile:


Yes it was really helpful although I referred to this link ( Building structural analysis models with Speckle: Oasys webinar - YouTube) by Jenessa Man since she did the pushing into GSA instead of ETABS.


Thank you very much will post in the internal group to ask questions!

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