Speckle 2 BIM/revit


Had to add data to a rhino modell this week and save it as an IFC (via archicad or revit) and really wished i had some extra functionality from speckle:

  • RoofByFace! Wall by face is already implemented and works great, and roof by extrusion and footprint are in, but these are rather limited. Roof by face would do wonders in the case of custom roof designs. Had no realistic way to have the roofs translate to IFC except via freeform element.

  • RevitFloor doesn’t have an offset parameter, so i guess If i realistically wanted to use it i would have to generate a level for each floor height coordinate ? Or is there another way to place them at the correct height while having the same host level in Revit? Maybe via the optional parameters imput of the RevitFloor component?

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Hey @Andrei ,

You are right. We can add a RoofByFace component in Grasshopper. Thanks for asking for it!

Well, you have the parameters input there. You can update any parameter using that. Take a look at the following post. Let me know if you have any questions about that.