Speckle 2.8 Released!

Highlighted Features:

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Speckle 2.8 Updates:


  • Incremental Builds while receiving
  • :bar_chart:Interactive Reports
  • :new: BIM Mappings from ETABS/Tekla Structures to Revit
  • :bug: Various bug fixes


  • :new: 3D Viewer now available inside PowerBI!


  • :face_with_monocle: Preview send and receive geometry
  • :bar_chart: Interactive reports
  • :mountain: Rhino BIM now supports sending breps and subd meshes as Topography
  • User dictionaries changed from dictionaries to Base

AutoCAD & Civil3D

  • :bug: Distorted mesh bug fixed
  • Sending proxy entities now supported (props only)
  • :new:New advanced setting: Reference points (WCS/UCS)
  • :inbox_tray: Property sets now included when receiving


  • :loudspeaker: Added support for the receiver to fetch public streams with an old account

Unreal Engine

  • :new: Speckle connector now available at the Epic Marketplace


  • :new: BIM properties are now available in the editor UI
  • :nesting_dolls:Improved sending to support nested objects

Tekla Structures

  • Performance Improvements and various bug fixes
  • :new:BIM Mappings from ETABS/Tekla Structures to Revit

CSI Products

  • Performance Improvements: model tolerance
  • :sparkles: Support for updating existing elements now enabled for CSI connectors

:new: ArcGIS Alpha!

  • :wavy_dash: Support for sending/receiving of most geometry types (Point, Multipoint, Polyline & Polygon) in ArcGIS
  • Support for receiving base geometry from CAD


  • Support for Coplanar faces

Desktop User Interface

  • :bar_chart: Added support for report filters by object status

Server & Web

  • :people_hugging: Added support for stream discoverabilities for users to find new public stream
  • :speech_balloon: 3D comments in presentation mode
  • :bell: Users now get notified via email when they get mentioned in a 3D comment

A lot of great stuff, as always!

Quick Q, how does presentation mode in the 3D viewer work?

Hey @JdB ,

When embedding a viewer, you can enable โ€˜Comment Slideshow Modeโ€™.