Speckle 2.12 Released!

Hello @Community!

We’re excited to share with you the latest and greatest updates in our Speckle 2.12 release🎉! This release is packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes🔨. Here are some highlights:

  • :white_check_mark: Shadow Catcher :sun_behind_small_cloud::man_running:
  • :white_check_mark: Stencil Outlines for the selected objects in the viewer :star2:
  • :white_check_mark: Speckle+Rhino.Compute: New GH nodes for Rhino. Compute auth :id:
  • :white_check_mark: Conversion of Sketchup Scenes to Views in our Web Viewer :video_camera:
  • :white_check_mark: PowerBI: BiDirectional selection in the viewer and performance improvements :rocket:
  • :white_check_mark: 3D Viewer inside Excel :bar_chart:
  • :white_check_mark: and much more…

So grab a cup of coffee :coffee:, sit back and read the full release notes.


Manager & DesktopUI

  • Improved flow for adding accounts.


  • Various improvements in conversion routines of walls, columns and floor elements
  • Add support for various elements
    • Groups
    • Structural Connections
    • Beam Systems
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed ceilings coming in at incorrect location
    • Fixed UI being blank when no accounts were found via manager
    • Assign family prop to floor objects


  • Improved Mapping Tool Rhino > Revit: it is now possible to create default BIM elements without the need to send families & types form Revit
  • Receive Revit parameters as user strings attached to each object


  • New nodes to work with accounts in Rhino.Compute:


  • Get stream with token to be used when running a GH file on Rhino.Compute to authenticate any operations (send/receive, etc…) with any user.

  • Get account token to be used when testing a GH file for Rhino.Compute by running it using HOPS. It provides the token for an account stored locally.

  • RhinoCompute and ActiveDoc changes:

    If a user overrides the ActiveDoc in a specific GH file, we will respect that decision when running on Compute. This allows the Grasshopper connector to play better with other plugins that also require an ActiveDoc (Elefront…) and for the user to set the units the data will be sent with.

Autocad & Civil

  • Fixed a bug which prevented corridors with null surfaces from being sent

Archicad (alpha)

This house looks familiar🤔… But wait, is this Archicad🤯?

Navisworks (alpha)

  • Options to amend the geolocation on send.
    This expands the compatibility across the connectors and opens up more user-requested workflows.
    • Default per the native model

  • Bounding box centre to origin

  • Project Basepoint

  • Views as a Sending resource
    This allows the Saved Viewpoints in Navisworks to be selected as the reference for sending objects. Respects hidden objects.
    • Additionally, all commits have the option of including the current display viewpoint.

  • Linework support
    This adds to the support for Solid geometry and fills the gap for objects that use linework as detail or source geometry (particularly MEP and Civils) - Simple Lines conversion only now - Curves and Splines to come.

  • Fixes:
    • No longer sends unitless bounding boxes at the origin.
    • No longer attempts writing streams to an empty document.
    • No longer adds empty displayValue when no geometry is present.
    • No longer silently hangs on attempting a commit with no valid convertible elements.
  • Known Issues:
    • It is possible to select a Folder as a Saved View - Doing so will not send anything to Speckle.

SketchUp (beta)

  • Add Commit by URL: Users can receive commits by their URL. Before, they would have to be a Collaborator on a stream to receive models from it.
  • Advanced settings for Including Attributes: We have expanded user control over including/excluding attributes on:
    • Edges
    • Faces
    • Components
    • Groups
  • Sketchup Scenes to Speckle Views: Your scenes from Sketchup will be available in Speckle’s web viewer. Currently, we are storing only camera position, projection, and FOV. We’ll expand this in the coming releases.
  • Create Branch button: Directly create branches (models) within the Sketchup connector. No need to switch to the web app and create a branch from there anymore.
  • Signed Sketchup installer: Signing an installer provides a secure and trusted method of distributing software to users.


  • When receiving, elements with multiple materials will be received as a single Blender mesh (with multiple materials).
  • When sending, blender meshes with multiple materials will be sent with multiple materials (previously, we just took the first material)
  • Fixed issues with receiving IFC commits :partying_face:
  • Fixed more installer problems :package:


  • Brand new UI, plus:
    • Functionality to create new Streams and branches from UI
    • Popup with the web link to successful commit
    • A longer list of branches and commits is accessible through UI

ArcGIS (alpha)

  • Papercuts:
    • Adapt typings to support Python .7
    • handle account access error


  • Faster object loading in the viewer (like… way way faster! )



  • Data tooltips upon object selection
  • Bi-directional selection (select an object in the viewer will select in in other visuals that support it)

  • Context-menu for objects by double-clicking them (allowing to filter out undesired objects manually)

  • New loading screen when no data has been linked.

  • Upgraded viewer version, to align with the latest version used in the speckle servers.


  • 3D viewer!
  • Bidirectional interaction between new viewer and excel sheet data
  • Data importing speed is several hundred times faster!


  • All Bentley connectors have been updated to use the new Desktop UI - Thanks to @jenessa.man @ Arup!

Server & Web

3D Viewer


  • File uploads can be disabled when the server is deployed via Helm Chart.
  • Frontend docker image can be run as a non-root user, improving security.

Server & Fronted

  • :rotating_light: Breaking change to webhooks. More information is in our community forum.
  • OpenID Connect authentication option, with thanks to community member spgoad.
  • IFC parser fixes to ensure the root object is a Speckle base.
  • As always, security patches of our dependencies.
  • Fixed double-submit on login


  • New rule-based object traversal functions, we are slowly transitioning all connectors to use a shared traversal logic.
  • The groundwork for the new Serilog-based logger.
  • Fixed issue with deserializer silently failing when receiving invalid (non-base) commit objects.
  • Improved error logging and reporting


  • Fix: Interoperability from Revit analytical to specklepy structural.