Snapping to Direct Shapes in Revit

I’m testing the workflow from skp to rvt. This may be more of a question for a Revit forum but I’ll start here.

When I receive direct shapes from skp I cannot use the geometry to snap to. Pick lines or even snapping to endpoints doesn’t work.

Is this possible or are there limitations to Revit and how it sees/uses direct shapes.



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Further to this query I noticed when I passed the geometry not in a group it added lines on the edges, lines(curves) as you’ll notice pass through no trouble.

Hey @scottyvalentine ,

Indeed this is a Revit limitation. As you know, Sketchup is a mesh-based application. In Revit, Direct Shapes meshes do not support snapping. We have some ideas to get around this limitation but this may take a couple of releases. Our current priority is adding more mapping methods (creating floors from faces etc.).

BTW, have you seen the mapping tool for Sketchup?

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Hi Mucahit,

Thanks for that response. I suspected it was revit limited direct shape behaviour. I will assume if it’s a direct shape brep then there’s no issues. But SketchUp and Blender don’t model in surfaces so I’m out of luck for now.

The mapping worked really well. I don’t use SketchUp, I highly dislike it, but I was forced to on a small project recently. To ensure the model can be worked with I manually setup groups like categories in Revit. The good thing about the mapper is I can just select the group and make it walls, or whatever. Giving me full control over how the model appears in Revit. Now if I could only use snap and pick lines then I’d have a great workflow to take crappé SketchUp to amazing revit.