Sloped roof from grasshopper to revit

i am trying to create a roof on revit via grasshopper and using the revitextrusionroof component and i have two related and consecutive issues:

  1. if I use a horizontal line as reference line the component works perfectly, but if I go to use an inclined line on the xz plane it doesn’t work, does anyone know what the problem originates from and how to solve it?
  2. and next if I want to make a gabled roof with a single profile what kind of geometry input does it have to have in order for them to be read as one roof and not two split ones?
    thanks to those who will help me

Ciao Amedeo,

Extruded roof support is currently somewhat limited, but you can create them using DirectShape or Freeform elements instead.

Ciao Matteo,
Did you mean drawing the surface on rihno and then apply the propriety of a roof using the speckle connector with revit?

You can model the roof as a solid or mesh in Rhino and then send it to Revit as a DirectShape using the Roof category from our Mapper tool or the Grasshopper nodes:

Let us know if it works and if you have any other questions!

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