SketchUP Speckle Connector

Using the Speckle connector gives me unexpected results, and it isn’t easy to narrow down why it is that. Using a simple example file, I get three different types of results:

  1. Sending the geometry as a group gives a messy results.
  2. Sending the selected geometry ungrouped gives an OK-ish result
  3. Sending the geometry as a group together with the Scale Man group gives a really strange result: This time, the 3D geometry looks ok but in another place and at another scale.

Using a more complex file:
Same problems with grouped/ungrouped geometry, but the ungrouped still have a few messy planes (not as many as grouped geometry and not triangular shapes)
I also noticed this standard behavior:
Send a part of the geometry (with the mixed results as described above),
Send another grouped or ungrouped part of the model
Close the connector (the reason: waiting some minutes of unsuccessful sending)
Open again the connector
Even the early sent geometry ceased to be sent.
Close Sketchup, and open it again to bring the sending process to the initial status


Hi @mircea.stefanescu :wave:,

This doesn’t look good but thankfully now we have a Sketchup wizard @oguzhankoral on our team! Currently, we are refactoring our Sketchup connector to make it as robust as possible. There were some issues with blocks on the latest release but we fixed them now (didn’t release it yet). If you can share the files you used, I’d be happy to test them myself and make sure they can be sent and received without any issues. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Great to see another Sketchup user here! Feel free to introduce yourself if you feel like it.

PS. You can share the files here or send me a DM.

Hi Gokermu! Thanks for the quick answer! I can’t wait for the next (wizard) version to test and discuss the results.


Hi @mircea.stefanescu and @gokermu,

I’ve fixed this issue, will be available on next release. And thanks to you reporting this bug, it also helps to us see other related issues, they are also fixed. You can see below geometry is sent/received by server.

After send to server:

After receive back from server:




Hey again @mircea.stefanescu,

Thanks to your case we found out some other bugs on receiving and fixed it. I would like to share screenshot of your model that received from server :slight_smile:

We’re glad you shared your models to test SketchUp connector with real cases! You are always welcome with any problem you are facing.



Not sure what is going on starting from connector version 2.11.0-rc8 to -rc11. Any of this version of the plugin did not initialize the connector: pressing the blue cube does not opens Speckle menu. After downgrading the connector to rc7 the connector opens normally.

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Hey @mircea.stefanescu ,

Great to see you again. We released SketchUp connevtor 2.11 couple days ago. rc8-11 were not stable releases, they were more for internal testing. Can you try with the latest release and let me know if you still have the same issue?

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That is definitely interesting. Have you tried uninstalling existing connector and installing the latest one? Asking just to be sure.

If your problem still persists, can you try the following steps:

  • Uninstalling connector again.
  • Go to C:\Users\*user-name*\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\Plugins
  • Delete the following items if they are there.
    • A folder named speckle_connector
    • speckle_connector.rb file
  • Install 2.11 stable release via Manager.

I am trying to understand. You should not have that issue since we didn’t make any changes with the installer.

I follow your instruction, unfortunately with no luck :roll_eyes:

  1. I unstalled the connector
  2. I deleted the Speckle folder
  3. Speckle_connector.rb was removed by the uninstall process
  4. Fresh Install of the new connector
    Same problem: connector won’t open … still no clue why is that.
    Tomorrow I will try to switch to a desktop computer with a Sketchup without all the (too many?) plugins I have on my laptop. Let’s see if we will be able to narrow down the problem. Thanks for your quick replays Mucahit! :slight_smile:

Hi @mircea.stefanescu,

There was a clash with settings after rc7. It was our bad without checking some settings that created/consumed by other connectors. Now we’ve separated completely SketchUp settings which should not be problem anymore. So glad to do showing us bisection you did on release candidates :blush:

Now 2.11.1 available on manager with fixed version.



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