SketchUp Connector crashing

I am trying to receive a Revit file into SketchUp. After hitting the ‘receive’ button, the Speckle connector downloads for a few seconds and then turns white and stops processing. Can someone please help me figure out how to get my model into SketchUp? I’ve used Speckle on similar projects before and it worked perfectly.

Hi @sbrasher,

Could you please provide more details to understand the issue better like,

  1. SketchUp connector version you are using
  2. If possible, the URL/file you are trying to receive
  3. Supported images/gifs
  4. Console logs from Extensions > Developer > Ruby Console (this needs to be opened before clicking the receive button)

We are looking forward to fixing your issue.


I still haven’t found a solution… Do you guys have any ideas what could be causing Speckle to crash?

Hi @sbrasher, devil’s in the details - please see @oguzhankoral’s request above! We need more help from you to be able to debug the issue.

I think the most important part will be a sample file so we can reproduce the issue!

I already sent him all of that information and he said that he was able to reproduce the issue…

Hi @sbrasher,

As we exchanged the details on DM- the issue is logged into our backlog and it will be visited as soon as possible.


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