Simplifying Speckle CSI connector in Grasshopper

In the current version of the connector, we have to model the structure, assign section properties, section modifiers, loads etc in grasshopper itself which is kind of difficult to do for complex loading conditions. Parametric modelling (or buildings or structures with complex geometry) is not possible in most analysis software natively. But, assigning section properties, modifiers, loads etc are comparatively easier and better done in the analysis software itself.
So it will be easier if the geometry created as line and surface elements in grasshopper can be exported through speckle csi connector and imported to the analysis software just as null elements (elements with none property assigned). The actual required section property, property modifiers and loads can be assigned in the analysis software itself. That way the whole process can be bit more simpler.

Hi @rajansanand and welcome to the Speckle community! :wave: Feel free to introduce yourself.

We want to give our users flexibility for their workflows and some engineering teams prefer more control in Grasshopper. But I completely get your point, sometimes less is more :slight_smile:

You don’t have to specify all properties and loads in Grasshopper, just leave inputs empty and for required can use None.


Is this what you have in mind? Here is a Grasshopper definition and a test Speckle model, try receiving it to ETABS and check the properties. Let me know if this works for you.
minimal (17.0 KB)