Shift models in federated views / uniform relative coordinate basepoint


currently, it is not possible to shift models when federating them in the view.
In civil engineering a lot of times a mix of applications are used, where the infra design is always going to be sent on absolute coordinates and everything else on relative coordinates.
Can we apply a base shift to models when federating? this will allow us in a federated view to actually see the models together, rather than having the user send it again but then on the ‘correct’ reference?

It can also be that on sending the model, we can assign a coordinate mapping to say ’ absolute’ and ‘relative’ and the basepoint is defined on project lvl while speckle will just recalculate?
this could also improve precision in speckle itself, because then everything can be projected to relative no matter the source

Thank you, hot topic for sure :slight_smile: Already on our backlog!

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