Sharing Projects Internally: Sharing, Finding projects (eg: discoverable -vs- link sharing), and adding members

I’m deploying / rolling out / training / championing Speckle to our company. Its up and working but curious about some project admin things:

  1. How does ‘Discoverable’ work in the settings for the project? I set my project to be ‘Discoverable’ and I assumed that meant that they could see that project in their list of projects, or at least search for it and then join it. But it didn’t show up for them at all. Can you explain how/what discoverable works so I can explain it to our firm better. (not sure if important, but we hadn’t set up email at first, so I (a admin is showing as unverified via my email. The new user is verified, and we cant see ‘discoverable’ projects)

  1. If a project is findable by others if discoverable, can they add themselves to it? Or will one of the ‘Owners’ need to add people? (also can ‘Editor’ add mew team members?)

  2. Same as #2, but about Links. If you send someone a link, who/how can members be added if they were sent a link to the project.

Side Note: I want to say how much better the new web app and how projects are structured is perfect. the older way of having to invite 10 people to 10 different streams was annoying, but the new way is amazing and super easy for users to understand

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Good questions :slight_smile:

  1. Discoverable: Currently, it does not really affect the project’s visibility. In the future, if enabled, it will allow the project to appear in various places, such as the public user profile, a home feed, a search functionality, etc. This is what we had originally thought, now that we’ve started working on support for organizations/workspaces/teams the behavior might change a bit…

  2. Requesting access: Currently no, but it’s a good feature we could consider once we get there.

  3. If a project is link-shared, anyone with the link can see it. Currently there is no way for viewers to request edit access to it, but (same as above) it’s something we could add.

If you have any other feedback on how you’d like to invite & collaborate on Speckle let us know!
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