Setting up speckle server as a new user

Hello everyone,

I am new to speckle and looking for any help on the steps to get started manually hosting a speckle server. I have looked through the docs however I can’t find any information which clearly explains how to get it running on the local network and beyond. I have currently got it working as “Localhost”.

Any steps or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi @Isaac_Russell! Welcome to the forum! So this depends a lot on your local set up. We do not reccommend or actually support exposing your local machine to the internet, so ideally:

  • Setup: you’d set up a server with the 1-click image on digital ocean. it’s the least painful way!
  • Optional, but highly recommended: you’d have a domain or subdomain at the ready to point to your virtual machine’s ip. The one click image, as part of the setup, will issue certs and enable SSL.

If you want to just expose it over a local network, theoretically the server binds to out of the box so you could just use http://yourlocalnetworkip:3000. Let us know if this helps! (and if you want, do introduce yourself!)

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Hello Dimitrie,

Thank you for the help, for testing purposes I am trying to set up speckle over the local network. I have got the website accessible over the local network however it appears blank. The error is “Failed to initialise route based telemetry.” Any ideas?

Thank you. All help is appreciated.

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Not many. It probably is infrastructure related - somewhere somehow. Are you running the server using docker? If so, I won’t be able to help, but perhaps @gjedlicska / @cristi might have extra pointers. They tend to make fun of me because I don’t ‘do’ docker yet, I probably should.

When developing, i’m running it 100% manually (old school and prone to breakage). Theoretically, the minimum should be npm run dev in the server and npm run serve in the frontend :smiley:

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Hey @Isaac_Russell,

Could you describe your what you local environment looks like? What kind of setup you are trying to use, where you want to expose you server, what way are you running the Speckle services etc. It would help us triaging your issue, and get you on the right track.

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