Setting up and visualize simulations

With little knowledge about coding I was able to set up an IDA ICE thermal and visual simulation and visualize the result in Revit. I love Speckle.


Yay, super to hear! Love back from the whole team :slight_smile: Did you send the model from Revit to GH, analysis then back to Revit, or was it some other workflow? (do pardon me if i said something stupid, i have no experience in simulation work!)

The workflow is Revit->Blender->IDA ICE->Blender->Revit. GH is also possible but since Blender is free and open source I prefer to use it. It is rather slow method and I have not been able to get the numerical data into Revit, only color representation, but it is still very useful. Here is an alternative visualization with circles instead av rectangular grid. Also, I have clipped empty data (near the column)


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