Setting the Server Name

I’m deploying the server and I saw there is a table with server information.

What is the best way to update the server_config table so the server name, company, etc are updated?

Hey, not sure about the backend details of this. But if its your server (aka, you’re the first user created), you should be allowed to change this in the front end.

Just go to your profile page, and you should have an edit button in the Server Details to modify them.

Thanks @AlanRynne , I’ve found it!

Was wondering how Admin worked…

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:sweat: hehe I was just checking the API while you answered.

In the GraphQL api, there’s a serverInfoUpdate mutation. It takes an info object that contains the fields you’re looking for :smiley:

You can check the explorer of your server appending /explorer to your server’s url, or through the profile page. Using the explorer is quite neat as it already attaches your auth token, so it makes exploring the api quite fast.

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