ServerTransport is not defined

Hey there

It’s that speckle time of the week for me again and I’m back with my questions :scream: :rofl:

So I’m following the ‘sending & receiving’ example and I’m getting a 'ServerTransport' is not defined name error?

I think I’ve set everything up correctly - I’ve created a personal access token on my profile page and checked I’ve copied the code correctly from the example page, but no joy …

I’ve also updated specklepy to 2.1.0

Have you any idea what might be going on? Feel like I may be missing something super simple …

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Heya @NigeDemo !

Glad you’re back at it :blush::snake:

This is my bad, I think there was a slight rejigging of the structure of specklepy which did not get fully propagated to the docs. I’ll edit that soon, but I think this should be resolved with this import statement at the top of your file

from specklepy.transports.server import ServerTransport

p.s. the Blender Connector is almost ready to be published to manager :eyes:! you should be seeing it pop up very soon :partying_face:

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Thanks @izzylys, no worries - I’d just worked out that I was missing some imports there - plus the Point import is now from objects.geometry - next stop is the create a simple dashboard tute :grinning:

Great work with the blender connector - can’t wait to show my colleagues. We are trying to bring in open source tools for our MSc BIM modules so being able to interop / connect blender & Revit is something we are pretty excited about.