Server Node 18 support

Hi Speckle server developers,

A short note to say that we will shortly be upgrading development branches of Speckle server to Node 18.
This change to Speckle will affect anyone who is actively developing on the latest commits of Speckle server. It should not affect anyone else at this time.

The reason for this change is that although Node 16 is still being updated with security patches by the upstream Node project, Node 18 is the current Long Term Support (LTS) version of Node. To continue receiving bug fixes and support beyond security patches, an upgrade is required.

Happy coding!

The Speckle Team


Hi @iainsproat,

If I understand correctly, it is required to have Node 18 !?
Can we update the doc :


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Yes, it’s Node 18 now. Thank you for spotting the error in the documentation, I’ll get that updated now!

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It’s now fixed and the documentation is updated: Local development environment | Speckle Docs

@Tamu Thanks again for reporting this issue. Please do keep reporting any issues you find!

If you do wish to fix any problems you find, we are very happy to accept Pull Requests to our documentation (or any of our other) repositories! GitHub - specklesystems/speckle-docs: Documentation on everything Speckle

Big Thanks @iainsproat !
I still can’t start the latest version of the server, but I’m trying to fix it !

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@Tamu If you have problems with getting the server running, perhaps the community or Speckle staff member might be able to help you.

Feel free to create a new discussion thread in this community, post specific details, and ask for assistance. Hopefully it can get you up and running faster!

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