Separate window panes from frames Blender

I wonder if sombedy could help me separate window panes from frames for windows exported from Revit to Blender. The separatation could be done in Revit or Blender but preferable in Blender with a script.

I found that I could select based upon material since the panes are usually made of glass I think there must be more robust ways.

hey @MaxT!

i suppose it depends on the structure of the data coming in, but in general unfortunately there isn’t a straightforward way to do this. this is because, if the window itself is a family instance, the components of the window are just coming in as meshes and blender has no way of knowing what each mesh actually is.

for example, take this window:

the three parts of the window that you are seeing are just regular meshes located in the displayValue as shown in the side. these meshes themselves don’t have any information about what they are

you have already identified the workaround that I would have suggested - you can filter them based on other properties inherent to the mesh such as the material.

may I ask why you would like to separate them? we are currently exploring some new features like mapping that could be used to smooth the workflow between geometry applications like Blender and BIM applications like Revit. if you can explain what you are trying to achieve, I would love to know as it could inform the investigations we are currently doing in this area.

I plan to use the windows for thermal simulations. To do this I need them to be planar objects. Actually, they do not need to be planar but it helps a lot. What I need is to get midpoint, width, height and normal direction for each rectangular window. If I also could get frame fraction that would be great.