Sensor data visualization tool - Digilab

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a short video of what i have been working on. I’ve developed a visualization tool to display sensor data directly within a BIM model. This tool can showcase both real-time data and time-series data. I crafted this tool as part of my work as a research assistant at NTNU, under the Digilab Erasmus+ research project. My LinkedIn: Odin Iversen


Super cool @OdinIversen , thanks for sharing!
What pushed you to use Speckle and where do you see this project going next?

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Super cool visualisations!

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Thank you!

The main reason was ease of use, and allowing users to quickly import their own BIM models. The program is set up in such a way that you can easily visualize any sensor in any room, by typing their names as a sensor-room-pair. Another reason for using Speckle was that other members of the research team are using it in their applications, so it allowed for easier collaboration.

Currently, we are working on developing written learning material and tasks for students learning about digital twins, so that is my main focus at the moment. I would like to fully implement the possibility of importing custom Speckle streams with other BIM models in the future. As well as importing analyzed data, or performing data analysis directly in the application.

I’m also open for any ideas of possible features to add, or possible use cases! Thanks :smiley:

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