Sending Text objects from AutoCAD

Hi guys,

I am trying to send text objects from AutoCAD to Grasshopper and got a warning saying sending text objects is not currently supported. Are there any plans to include it in future releases? If so approximately


Hi @gokermu! I’ll use this an excuse to broaden things up to a larger discussion around annotations, which have been asked for in the past :sweat_smile: What would the standard items be? Off the top of my head:

  • linear dimensions
  • radial dimensions
  • text annotations

If we can come up with a mini-spec, we could try to have a go at them next sprint (once we push this new release out, which seems to be causing minor havoc :D).

Text annotations is a must I think. Most of the time, I am using CAD blocks and text annotations to either name or create/manipulate things in Revit, Dynamo, Grasshopper etc.

Workflow I tried to use in this specific case is:

  • I received structural plans from the engineers. (in CAD format)
  • Revit model have been created with corresponding elements (columns, beams, floors, foundations etc.)
  • Now we are going to add parameters to these elements from AutoCAD drawing for 4D simulation. In this case we are numbering piles. And I want to automate this numbering process with Speckle and Dynamo/Grasshopper. For this to work, I should have the ability of sending geometry (position x, y, z) and information (content) of text objects to Speckle and receive them in other platforms.

I don’t see any need for linear and radial dimensions (in my workflows of course).

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Hi, just updating to say that we’ve implemented basic text support in autocad and rhino!


Hey guys!
I was wondering if there is any way to get the text objects from the legend!

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Hi @Oswaldo_Hernandez ,
It sounds like you’re looking to generate Text objects in Grasshopper & get them into AutoCAD - currently we don’t have a grasshopper component for text, but if you can bake those strings as text in Rhino (probably via a GH plugin or your own script component) you should be able to send the baked text in Rhino to AutoCAD!

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