Sending Revit subfamilies of selection as well to speckle

  • Objective: sending all geometry in Revit subfamilies as well to Speckle

  • Issue: Currently, when selecting a certain ammount of family that has subfamilies, and filtering the ‘send’ on ‘current selection’ the subfamilies are not taken into account, resulting in a send with a lot of geometry missing. Include also (geometry of) subfamilies in the send to speckle please. or allow this in a setting

  • Example:

  • Speckle link:

Hi @Dickels112!

We’re actually looking into sending absolutely everything from your Revit models to Speckle, and hopefully the next release will have some major improvements in this regard.

Thanks for bringing this up! I’ll add it to our GitHub issue so we an keep tabs on it.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments!